13 story tree house

i red this amazing book. It’s like this. 2kids make flying cats. And megu bananas. And fite a gorilla. Trey tried to wash his underpants in the man eating shark tank. 

My car wash.

come one come all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your car dirty I clean it so it looks like you just bought it. Im trying to make $240 thank you

Dentist trip

We went too the dentist and while we wated we watched part of a funny movie. They pulled Cooper’s tooth outand he got a glow in the dark container for it. They checked my teeth  and said they were fine.

Marine Museum

At the marine museum we saw a tank with 6 barrels.And we saw a miny gun. We went to the gift shop Cooper got something for dad.

At pretty Creek

John came over and we found some geocaches in the woods. It was fun. We had to give up looking for them. We play where he can’t touch rocks or roots.


At Cooper’s birthday party we had an Air soft war The guns I had where A Smith & Wesson and A m4, we went swimming to, Cooper got the first level of master builder set, Cooper got a glow in the dark sword some ring pops he got the official glide for adventures In Odyssey

How I helped Dad on that Jeep

I could find the movement on the Jeep when he would turn the steering wheel. When a couple guys came over I helped them too! I like to work on cars.

At John’s house

We listen to 10 adventures in Odyssey and John Tot me a little bit how to sow. We went after meaning. (We listened to 10 Adventures in Odyssey and John taught me a little bit how to sew. We went after meeting. )

History and Science projects

We made a project and that was it making the Haitian flag. We have to color it well mom read a story to us about that. Centrifuge Project Invisible ink project Making Kool-Aid to learn about dissolving.

My new plane skipper

Skipper is one of the corsairs from planes. It’s number 7. It cost $5.50 I got skipper and Cooper’s going to get Bravo to play with Colby, he has Dusty.