We did Rev Quest. We got a coin. We had fun with Cordan and Kallen. We had fun at the Cooper. We had fun looking around the town and did you know there’s a online Rev quest? We had fun at the Encampment. Someone was practicing firing the canon. At the resort we walked over … [Read More…]

How I draw

I draw any cartoon thing!!!!!! Today I drew a water snake. And I will be drawing a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting Better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can draw an angrybird!!!!!

Making gluep

We made this kind of slimy stuff I was calling it gluep and it’s bouncy and it’s real weird because when you squish it goes back into the shape. It can bounce. That stuff was real fun.

Our field trip

On our field trip we went to the discovery museum in town. we did a lot of things. We played house in the cabin and played with cars that you make and there is a ramp you can race down. we played in the front and in the back of the building.

October Experiments

We did an Experiment and we used gum Drops and marshmallows. We made three molecules, water molecules… So we used toothpicks and then when we were done we ate the molecules and didn’t eat toothpicks. NO we dint! Expanding Molecule Experiment Shrinking Molecule experiment Which molecules move faster? Cold or Hot? One evening we made … [Read More…]

Jamestown Tour

James fort had 7 cannons and sum Indians around. We went in the Indians houses and we smashed Indian corn. Two Indians were standing in the intrance (entrance) of the vilij (village). So that is that.