Applebutter camp

At Applebutter we play dodgeball. we to watch them put the Applebutter in The jars.we slid down the slide with the sandbox cars.

Camp post

At camp post I lost a tooth. we went biking to the swing bridge.we did a hike .we played tennis baseball.we went fishing. We went exploring. At The swinging Bridge we skip some rocks. We played whiffle ball in the night. we went hiking up to some rocks.

September camp

At September camp we played Chinese ping-pong. We played down at the mine down in the woods. We did a really big slip and slide. We played down in the caves in the woods to. Chanler’s birthday we had really big suckers for his birthday.


One day of Apple Butter we played candle tag. I got to stir the Apple butter. Some played played soccer and I got to play a little bit too.

September Camp

At camp I went up to the gym and I swept the ramp and we had fun. I liked riding my bike up to the gym to play hockey. We had a good time playing hockey. Instead of 3 days it was 4 days at camp. We had a field day one day. We had … [Read More…]