at tsc I bout a forklift. Tsc stands for traitor supply co. It is osum. It has a lot of dikast cars fore sale. You need to go. 

13 story tree house

i red this amazing book. It’s like this. 2kids make flying cats. And megu bananas. And fite a gorilla. Trey tried to wash his underpants in the man eating shark tank. 

My car wash.

come one come all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your car dirty I clean it so it looks like you just bought it. Im trying to make $240 thank you

Braden’s b-day

We went to meeting on Sunday and after we had lunch there and after we had a Nerf war. We would go around shooting people. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dentist trip

We went too the dentist and while we wated we watched part of a funny movie. They pulled Cooper’s tooth outand he got a glow in the dark container for it. They checked my teeth  and said they were fine.

Stuf I remembred of 2014

All us family looked at picture’s of 2014. Here is a list of the things that I liked in 2014. Lego army jeep,kolby’s birthday,snow boarding,lego land,globe trotters basket ball game,mom’s birthday,shooting a gun,my fish,riding a 2strok dirt bike,brick fair,prade,playing in the river,slumber party,air and space,grandad’s party,camp post,going to the ZOO.


When we were in Florida went to legoland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And saw the most flock of birds their were I  say 99 of them. If you read my blog than you need to go to Legoland if you have kids thay are gunnya love Legoland. We went for 2days. My faivrit thang in Legoland was the big … [Read More…]

Key west!

We are in key west! It is always around 77degries here. We had key lime pie its rely good I mean good. We go to the beach like when ever I ask.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s fun huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the southern most piont and it’s 90 miles to Cuba. We rode a trolley around the island. … [Read More…]

Dc auto show

It was ausum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a Lamborghini a Farrai! A macklarenf1 a fiat!!!! A asten Martin. And I got to ride in a jeep in camp jeep.

How I draw

I draw any cartoon thing!!!!!! Today I drew a water snake. And I will be drawing a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting Better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can draw an angrybird!!!!!