At Cooper’s birthday party we had an Air soft war The guns I had where A Smith & Wesson and A m4, we went swimming to, Cooper got the first level of master builder set, Cooper got a glow in the dark sword some ring pops he got the official glide for adventures In Odyssey

At brick fair

We went to brick fair. That was fun. Their was all kinds of army Legos. It was a blast and we got all kinds of stuff. We played in a bounce house two times. Mom and I almost won a free Lego set.

My birthday

At My birthday I got a toy airplane from the movie planes .I got a ratchet set and lots of screwdrivers and a new set of Allen keys and a new hammer .I got a Lego set for my guy It’s a Desert pack .I got a bike light .I got a Toy army belt … [Read More…]