At Williamsburg they fired their guns and shot their cannons like on a battle field and they just fired it normal. We saw the band play. At our resort we played miniature golf. We went swimming in the swimming pool.

At Legoland

At Legoland we went on the Dragon. Me and dad sat in the very front. It was real scary and we did this technic ride even scarier than the Dragon! When Granddad and Grandmother were at Legoland with the Woods boys Grandad did not like the technic ride. My favorite ride was the Chima ride. … [Read More…]

Our Florida Trip

One day we went to the Florida science Museum. At our Hotel Doubletree we stayed on the 18th floor. We went to panda express and McDonald’s one night or two nights. We saw fireworks. When we went to McDonald’s Mom and dad went to dinner at the hotel.

Our new motorhome

We bought this Class A. There’s two bunk beds. There’s these DVD players you can put a DVD in it and you can watch stuff in your bed. There is a couple TVs, there is actually 4 of them.

How I helped Dad on that Jeep

I could find the movement on the Jeep when he would turn the steering wheel. When a couple guys came over I helped them too! I like to work on cars.