When Uncle Westin and Jessica were here

We had this candy that you and lick a stick and your dip it in this powder. It was real good! Uncle Westin, he might tickle you and make us laugh. We were just laughing like crazy. We built a train track to drive-trains on.

Making gluep

We made this kind of slimy stuff I was calling it gluep and it’s bouncy and it’s real weird because when you squish it goes back into the shape. It can bounce. That stuff was real fun.

Granddaddy Cotten’s 80th birthday

Kanley and Luke, Cooper and me played air soft. I used a callt. We played musical chairs, two rounds of it and we got little snicker bars and we got little packs of emanems. It was Kenley and me versus Cooper and Luke.

What I am looking forward to in Florida and Legoland

I want to ride the Dragon roller coaster first. and a car and I can drive. and another roller coaster to. and I’m looking forward to going to the beach. And I want to tell you all about what I did maybe on my next blog.