When we had a lot of snow and our little game of Olympics

We had 16 and a haf (inch) of snow outside. We did like skeleton sledding, sliding on our backs and we did some snowboarding. We did speed skating and we all at least had at least one paper medal. We made hot chocolate and donuts. We had Samuel and Anna over and their family. Granddad … [Read More…]

Our field trip

On our field trip we went to the discovery museum in town. we did a lot of things. We played house in the cabin and played with cars that you make and there is a ramp you can race down. we played in the front and in the back of the building.

At John’s house

We listen to 10 adventures in Odyssey and John Tot me a little bit how to sow. We went after meaning. (We listened to 10 Adventures in Odyssey and John taught me a little bit how to sew. We went after meeting. )

History and Science projects

We made a project and that was it making the Haitian flag. We have to color it well mom read a story to us about that. Centrifuge Project Invisible ink project Making Kool-Aid to learn about dissolving.

My new plane skipper

Skipper is one of the corsairs from planes. It’s number 7. It cost $5.50 I got skipper and Cooper’s going to get Bravo to play with Colby, he has Dusty.

Cotton gen

Dad Cooper and Kaylin and me billt a cotton gin. You twist the handle and the seeds would go through the screen and so your cotton would be ready to use.