Instrument that I went to learn how to play

The drums I want to play. We have a set of Electric drums downstairs.

Sledin & making a jump

We put snow on the stairs and we would sled down. We would make it jump at the bottom and jump it. We tried a couple different ways sliding down the stairs.

History Projects

There is a story stick I have to tell you the story (so there was this man & he went out into the desert & he dug & dug with a shovel and found this upside down building & he was wondering what to do so he decided what to do he decided to go … [Read More…]

All Day

At 3rd Sunday we played with John,, We played Spies we went to the gym. We got our plates we made at camp.

Building my chinook

Back door opens and guys can come out. chinook and about it I’ll have to tell you about it The blades are very very fragile because Thade break off there is the nose there is The cock pit and all that kind of stuff

Dad’s kee Surgery.

When dad had his knee surgery We went to grandmothers house like all day

December camp

At December camp we made plates and bowls. We had a golf cart for Dad since he has a hurt knee. We played games, air hockey, pool and we did have some snacks. Roger and me picked up some trash. We stayed in the dorm with Mr. Chris and the Baldersons.

New years

2014 We played wheel of fortune. How fun playing all kinds of games. My costtoom was Bedder door then a window. We did a scavenger hunt.