Going to the science museum

At the Science museum there was a train movie. There were a tun of activities to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The movie was my favorite thing.

Air Racers 3D

At air Racers 3D we watched a movie about it when the movie was done. Steve and Steve Hinton (the racers) one at a time talk a bout how it was fling 50 feet from the ground in a propeller plane about one hundred knots

What we did while Dad and Mom were gone to DC

We stayed two nights at grandmother and grand dads house We played lego. We watched curious George. we mostly played lego.


We played lego. We played war with Nerf guns. We made fort out of blue floor mats. We played the game, Take Off. We played with Cooper and Luke and Kenly.


In Fall the leaves blow dawn off the branches. And you can make a leaf fort Buy blowing leaves together however you want and you can make your leaf fort.