What I want to do for Thanksgiving

Food and gams. These kinds of food: chicken and Macaroni and cheese bread. And Friends over to eat The food and drinks. okay that’s good

Stuart Little Play

At Stuart Little, in the play they had a boat race this other guy thought he would win. But Stuart won the race. Stuart used a little Mini Cooper, just the rite size for him. Did you know that Stuart lost his boat In a river. He slept on a Dock. He was a teacher … [Read More…]

Frisbee football

We played frisbee football the other day. The score was 15 points for our team and the other got 12 points. I almost caught the frisbee with one hand!!

Leaf fort

This is how you build a leaf fort: You blow some leaves together. And then you can jump into it! And that is how you build a leaf fort. Have fun!”

Camping trip

When we were camping we had a really good time. We went biking, fishing, played tag and we built a sand castle at a big river. We stayed there for two days. There was a patio by the camp site and we played ball on the patio.

Gospel Concert

At the gospel concert there were some games where you got some tickets and you could buy some candy with the tickets. They had a really nice concert. There is a game that you have four arrows and you try to pop balloons and you can get some candy when you pop one. We had … [Read More…]

Soccer Game

At the woman’s soccer game it was the Miamis against the Virginias. The Miamis tried to make a goal two times. The Virginia’s WON! It was 4 to 0! Our goalie was good!