One day of Apple Butter we played candle tag. I got to stir the Apple butter. Some played played soccer and I got to play a little bit too.

When Caden, Papa, and Grammie were here

When Caden was here we played a game of Hunter, where you have a toy bow and arrows. When you shoot all the people with the Nerf arrows the next person is the hunter. We also played a game of basketball. One day all the guys went Geo Caching. We found 6 or 7 caches. … [Read More…]

October Experiments

We did an Experiment and we used gum Drops and marshmallows. We made three molecules, water molecules… So we used toothpicks and then when we were done we ate the molecules and didn’t eat toothpicks. NO we dint! Expanding Molecule Experiment Shrinking Molecule experiment Which molecules move faster? Cold or Hot? One evening we made … [Read More…]

Yard Sale

At 6:16 in the morninin And when we got bac putting up yard sale signs we sat at the table and sold cookies and muffins and we got We had fun and so on and so on and we made a scene of cops and robbers out of Lego.