Bike rodeo


At the bike rodeo it was fun. We would ride on the sidewalk and jump the sidewalk. They had a raffle and gave away bike bells and bottles and bikes. They even gave away a $100 Visa card and a $50 pizza gift card. … [Read More...]

My new matchbox car


This car is caled a Pagani. It's real nice inside a Pagani and the Lamborghini! Nothing like the Pagani. … [Read More...]

The NASCAR race


We went to the NASCAR race it was fun, The cars were going superfast they would usually have a crash but they did not. Have any of y'all heard Jeff Gordon he's a race champion he was second place in this NASCAR race, There will be proof I went, A picture of rubber from a car. There were parachuters, three of them that came down. Dad got an app on his phone where we can listen to drivers in the … [Read More...]

September camp

At September camp we played Chinese ping-pong. We played down at the mine down in the woods. We did a really big slip and slide. We played down in the caves in the woods to. Chanler's birthday we … [Read More...]

National Rifle Association

We went to the National Rifle Association. There was like pistols and rifles. That was the main thing, I even saw a sten. One rifle can shoot 100 birds at one shot. There were even tiny pistols. … [Read More...]


At Cooper's birthday party we had an Air soft war The guns I had where A Smith & Wesson and A m4, we went swimming to, Cooper got the first level of master builder set, Cooper got a glow in the dark … [Read More...]

At brick fair

We went to brick fair. That was fun. Their was all kinds of army Legos. It was a blast and we got all kinds of stuff. We played in a bounce house two times. Mom and I almost won a free Lego set. … [Read More...]

My birthday


At My birthday I got a toy airplane from the movie planes .I got a ratchet set and lots of screwdrivers and a new set of Allen keys and a new hammer .I got a Lego set for my guy It's a Desert pack .I … [Read More...]



At Williamsburg they fired their guns and shot their cannons like on a battle field and they just fired it normal. We saw the band play. At our resort we played miniature golf. We went swimming in the … [Read More...]

At Legoland

At Legoland we went on the Dragon. Me and dad sat in the very front. It was real scary and we did this technic ride even scarier than the Dragon! When Granddad and Grandmother were at Legoland with … [Read More...]