Dentist trip

We went too the dentist and while we wated we watched part of a funny movie. They pulled Cooper's tooth outand he got a glow in the dark container for it. They checked my teeth  and said they were fine. … [Read More...]

Key west!


We are in key west! It is always around 77degries here. We had key lime pie its rely good I mean good. We go to the beach like when ever I ask.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's fun huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to the southern most piont and it's 90 miles to Cuba. We rode a trolley around the island. We saw a few f18s fly over while we were at the beach. Cooper and I played water football while we were at the … [Read More...]

Dc auto show

It was ausum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a Lamborghini a Farrai! A macklarenf1 a fiat!!!! A asten Martin. And I got to ride in a jeep in camp jeep. … [Read More...]

How I draw


I draw any cartoon thing!!!!!! Today I drew a water snake. And I will be drawing a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting Better.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can draw an … [Read More...]

When I go to the DC auto show

Here is a list of cars Acura,audi,buick,Cadillac,Chevrolet,ford,GMC,Honda,Hyundai,Lincoln,mini, Nissan,Subaru,Toyota,Volvo. And I want to see the Chevrolet Camaro. … [Read More...]

New Years party


At New Years you could watch gunnis world records. And we did a lot of skit's it was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!. We had a silent auction to. And then we had a raffle. The tallest person in the world is … [Read More...]

When Papa and Grammy were here


We played hide and go seek with Terrel Caden and Nittie. and we went to the Zoo we saw a seal. And we saw a fish that looked like a fake fish but it was real. And we saw a monky. And we saw 2 bold … [Read More...]

Marine Museum

At the marine museum we saw a tank with 6 barrels.And we saw a miny gun. We went to the gift shop Cooper got something for dad. … [Read More...]



At thanksgiving we had Kenly,Luke and, Grandadd and grandmother. We Watched ok go and supercar videos. Landen helped us on a game called clash of clans. … [Read More...]

My army jeep.


I bilt a lego army jeep with out directions. It wasn't easy but it was fun. The gun is megablocks but every thang else is lego. What I like about it is the aimo chain. … [Read More...]