Luke’s house.

Cooper Bryant and Kolby went to Luke's house and we played Nerf And went to carters mountin. And we wached fail army.And we wached  People are awesome. And we played on the trampoline with Luke. And we listen to sunburst. And I played canvas rider. I played nascar11 and I made a big bad crash.  … [Read More...]



We did Rev Quest. We got a coin. We had fun with Cordan and Kallen. We had fun at the Cooper. We had fun looking around the town and did you know there's a online Rev quest? We had fun at the Encampment. Someone was practicing firing the canon. At the resort we walked over and found a place where you get a golf ball and club and you can walk over to the game of put-put and start playing. We did … [Read More...]

What I want to do in summer.

I really want to go swimming. And I want to get a weededer so I can take the moter out of it and mount it on my bike. And I want to go to brick fair.  … [Read More...]

The Lego books I got from the library


I was looking for car books but in instead I found the Lego books. You should go to your library and try to find the Lego books.     These ar cool air planes.  This Is an amazing … [Read More...]

This week.

Dad and mom went to training  for 3 days. On the first day we went to grandmothers house and we wached danald duck and we played Lego. And then we went to camp that night after meeting we had … [Read More...]

The sand box city.


I bilt a very big river. A pull through restraint. I bilt cool houses. And we bilt boat ramps.            … [Read More...]

Cuting trees


thes trees were rotten ones the farmer said "no yall can't cut those trees down cause they are the property line ". But we cutit down anyway and left the stumps. We have a full wellbarl of saw … [Read More...]


At camp we had a blast. We went to the beach almost evry day.  on our bikes we got air off a speed bump. ther wer  concrit ships. ther wer a lot of f16. and awaxes. and helos. and traners,.!!!!!!!!!! … [Read More...]

first day of school

day1good.  day2ok. day3ok. day4bad .  day 2 3 4kalinwas fussy. Im dowing coputer  school  so is Cooper. mom is helping kolby do som school. iv been geting  good grads.   … [Read More...]

World records and more. 


 The crazy things people do.    Would you like to play a song""?   That was Cooper's book and I got one to.    These ar battle droids     Chewy is … [Read More...]