My army jeep.


I bilt a lego army jeep with out directions. It wasn't easy but it was fun. The gun is megablocks but every thang else is lego. What I like about it is the aimo chain. … [Read More...]

At John’s house

At John's house we played Lego ninja. We played hide and go seek. John and I built part of a model car. Why we were there is because mom and dad were gone. … [Read More...]

Tight rope walking

This guy went tight rope walking about 80to90 stores hi he did a long rope walk and he did a smaller rope about 70to80feet long with a blind fold and made it. … [Read More...]

Applebutter camp

At Applebutter we play dodgeball. we to watch them put the Applebutter in The jars.we slid down the slide with the sandbox cars. … [Read More...]

John and James birthday

We had cake, we played Lego. we had three or four battles of Airsoft,We listen to Odyssey, and we saw a few dog fights on video. … [Read More...]

At pretty Creek

John came over and we found some geocaches in the woods. It was fun. We had to give up looking for them. We play where he can't touch rocks or roots. … [Read More...]

Camp post

At camp post I lost a tooth. we went biking to the swing bridge.we did a hike .we played tennis baseball.we went fishing. We went exploring. At The swinging Bridge we skip some rocks. We played … [Read More...]

Bike rodeo


At the bike rodeo it was fun. We would ride on the sidewalk and jump the sidewalk. They had a raffle and gave away bike bells and bottles and bikes. They even gave away a $100 Visa card and a $50 … [Read More...]

My new matchbox car


This car is caled a Pagani. It's real nice inside a Pagani and the Lamborghini! Nothing like the Pagani. a … [Read More...]

The NASCAR race


We went to the NASCAR race it was fun, The cars were going superfast they would usually have a crash but they did not. Have any of y'all heard Jeff Gordon he's a race champion he was second place in … [Read More...]